Since the academic year 2010/11, the University of Nantes has been offering Excellence Bachelor Programs on European issues from a pluridisciplinary approach. This Program is unique in France.

An innovative and complete Undergraduate Program

The University of Nantes is offering to some undergraduate students a High Level Program on European studies in which half courses focus on a specific and chosen academic field by the Students (such as Law, English, German, Italian, History, etc...) while the other half are dedicated to European issues courses taught through pluridisciplinary perspective.

After 3 years, students may apply to the Postgraduate courses either in European and International Studies,  or in specialised issues such as Minorities issues, Defence, Heritage, Arts and Culture, Journalism, European Business Law, Criminal law, Energy, Commercial Issues, ....


  • Pluridisciplinarity approaches to European issues
  • Solid background in the registered Bachelor Program (Law or History or Languages)
  • English taught courses from the very first year
  • Practice of a third language (different from French and English)
  • A European Council simulation (3d year)
  • Internship and/or radio program (3d year)
  • One semester Erasmus stay (3d year)